Our Services


Pool and Spa Service, let our Pool and Service Tech take care of your pool


Mike’s Pool and Spa service offers weekly maintenance by a knowledgeable and professional Pool Tech.  while at your Home or Business our Pool Technician will do the following.

  • Clean leaves and debris from automatic pool cover before opening
  • Clean leaves and debris from the surface of pool and the skimmer.
  • System Vac or Leaf Vac every visit.
  • Test and balance the pools chemical levels.
  • Clean and maintain any automatic pool cleaners on site.
  • Brush the top 3 feet, steps, skimmers and swim outs of the pool every visit, including connected Spas.
  • Clean pool tile.
  • Inspect your pool equipment for leaks or other problems and clean and empty the pools hair and lint traps.
  • Check your time clocks.

We also offer the same services for standalone Spas.

  • Clean and brush down the spa.
  • Balance the spa chemicals and maintain the water
  • remove any debris from spa
  • Clean the spa cover

We offer custom service for all our Pools and Spas, our service starts with an inspection to let you know just how long we will need on site to keep your pool clean on a weekly basis. Most pools take 30 minutes, but we customize the service to your pool.